Advantages Of Living Together Before Marriage

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Premdeep Kaur
English: 103
Instructor: Charity Matthews
Topic: Should couples live together before marriage?
Date: 30/10/2017
In todays’ world, with increased incidence of unsuccessful relationship or marriages, there are some people who want/prefer to live together before marriage so that they can understand each other and they don’t have to experience a painful divorce. In my point of view, this is another option/type of marriage. Because if the relationship won’t work successfully then they can separate their ways easily and live happily. By living together before marriage, they have time to know about each other's living style and behavior and their relation get even stronger than before but if it does not work then they can move ahead in their lives before taking a wrong step of living together for the whole life but sometimes living together is against to some family principles, ethics of society, religious point of view. Sometimes these types of relationships are very successful without any regret in life and on the other hand it comes out as an unsuccessful and worst relationship. But I think advantages are more powerful than disadvantages.
One of important aspect of living together is that one can understand about their partner's likes and dislikes. It is important to know your partner with whom you are going to live forever and within few days, it is difficult to understand someone. Therefore, people like to live before marriages. It will help them to know each other and what their partner expects from them. They will learn about each other's interest. I think that people who live together before marriage have a better and strong foundation for their married life. Another advantage is that they can share their responsibilities and their work. For example, cleaning house, washing clothes. sometimes husband wants their wife to behave in certain ways and Wife want to share their work and she thinks earning money is a part of husband’s in this way they came to know about each other's mentality towards each other. Another advantage of living together before marriage is that the people who are afraid of marriage they have an advantage of living/experiencing a married life
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