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Shopify or Magento: Choosing The Right Partner For Your Store

Choosing the right platform for your eCommerce business is extremely important for the success. It will help scale up your business, however, if you select the wrong one, you will get a poorly functioning website that won’t ever fit the needs of your business. Amongst the best eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento, there is always a discussion that focuses on what each one of them can do for your business. While Magento has acquired a huge popularity since ages. Shopify is another biggest competitor in the market. Owing to its recent updated versions, Magento might even make a higher mark, thereby making it an ideal solution for businesses of varied sizes.

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Magento Enterprise Edition and Shopify both are PCI compliant, however Magento EE in itself is a self-hosted platform, which, in turn, makes it important for the site owners to ensure that the data on server is secure. This calls for the sole responsibility of website owners to ensure that the data is secure. On the other hand, Shopify has a better solution to keep your website secure. Shopify offers great hosting packages which eliminates the burden of carrying risk of security breaches. Being level 1 PCI DSS compliant, Shopify makes sure all your data is secured with the same level of security as offered by bank.

For security, Shopify is generally recommended because it takes care of all security risks.

There is a huge dissimilarity seen between Magento and Shopify in terms of coding. Magento makes use of PHP whereas Shopify makes use of Liquid which is also a coding language. On one hand where Magento is open source in nature, Shopify is proprietary.

In open source coding the source code is freely available and can be altered whereas this is not the case with proprietary. Magento makes it simple to alter specific store needs, however, this is not the case with Shopify.

Therefore, Shopify counts to be a great solution for simple stores, however with complex/advanced ones, changing the source code is
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