Advantages Of Media Systems And Disaggregated Indices

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Advantages and disadvantages of media systems and disaggregated indices
It is believed by some scholars such as Brian McNair (2007: 3) that the term “Political Communication” has proved to be notoriously difficult to define as both components of the phrase are themselves open to a wide variety of definitions. Nevertheless, lots have been the attempts to define this concept, one of them being that of McQuail (1992: 457) who defines political communication as “all processes of information (including facts, opinions, beliefs...), transmission, exchange and search engaged in by participants in the course of institutionalised political activities.” It should be noted at this juncture the great importance that this type of communication has, since, as we will see along this essay, it is an essential part of the political system and the political process of each country, as well as a key element for the quality of democracies (Caramani 2014: 330) Furthermore, we will look, briefly, at the drastic evolution of political communication through time as we will focus our attention in analyzing the two main approaches used to compare political communication across countries, and the possible advantages and disadvantages that they could have. In many democracies, political communication seems to have passed through three stages that comprise between 1950 and nowadays. Nonetheless, it has to be pointed out that it was in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, when political…
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