Advantages Of Mixed Research Method

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The research approach will be primarily mixed method in order to achieve a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research. This is because the research aims for a development of the process into a design solution that will be problem-solving, practical and opportunistic.
Mixed method research involves combining qualitative and quantitative approaches into my study. The advantage of using a mixed research method is that I can draw upon the best of both of the research approaches. This will allow the strength of one research approach to make up for the weakness of the other approach. The disadvantage of using a mixed method approach is that it amounts to two research studies in one, which may result in the project becoming too large to manage. Using only a
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I am therefore interested in how things work, by doing this I can understand how to solve the problem. (Cronje, 2011: 3)
Data collection methods
My data collection methods include questionnaires, interviews, document analysis and precedent studies. I will generate the data by examining the documents and extracting what I need from them in order to formulate my problem and to design my questionnaires and interviews in order to describe and explain what my research problem is and how this can possibly be rectified.
The subject is a phenomena that has occurred over many generations of life on earth and therefore each subject will have an effect on my research design. I will draw my participant from the population that represents my target market which is the investigation of culture; therefore my population is a combination of different populations within our nation. This I will achieve through the sampling method. My sample will be drawn at random and will include different ages, genders, race and stages in life. The research is then carried out on the sample. (Cronje, 2011:
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