Advantages Of Navodaya Schools

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As in every year, this year too newspapers carried stories of children from poor to very poor families cracking IIT entrance examination. Most of them have completed their studies up to class XII from different Jawahar Noavodaya Vidyalayas. The excellent results of Navodaya Schools and the remarkable performance of their students in competitive examinations are proof of the government's ability to run good schools and provide quality education when it puts its mind, and more importantly, its money into it.
India’s total public spending as a percentage of GDP is about 3.5% well short of the 6% recommended by Kothari Education Commission in 1966 and reiterated by the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) committee in 2006. This recommendation (% of GNP) was one that was accepted and resolved by the Government of India in the National Policy on Education (NPE) in 1968. In most developed countries public spending on education amount to about 6% of GDP.
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aided schools. However, the good performance of the students cannot be fully attributed to the education provided in the school. The backgrounds of the students have also an impact on the performance. It is obvious that the students admitted in the JNVs are more talented than the normal students of other govt schools as they are selected through a tough competition. The study also observed that family background affects the performance of the students. Furthermore, big variations are also observed among the regions and states. Shilong and Arunachal Pradesh are the worst performing regions and state respectively. The study has taken response of the JNV teachers. About 83% teachers feel that quality of education is very good in the JNVs. Many teachers had admitted their children the JNVs. Regarding the question on preference of JNV to other schools, 47% teacher preferred JNV due to quality of

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