Advantages Of Niosome

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The cosmetic industry is steadily probing for discovery of new formulations with effective delivery system having biological activity. Nanoscience is one of the widely used technologies and finds its applications in the cosmetic industry. Nanotechnology thus is a transformative and new technical revolution and is being used for alteration of physical properties of an enormous range of products from moisturisers, sun blocks, anti-ageing lotions to liquid make up, hair styling and colouring agents, soothing creams etc. However the use of various techniques such as the liposome, niosome, nanocrystal, microemulsion, nanoemulsion, nanosome, nanotubes has their own share of advantages and disadvantages. This article aims at describing some
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Initially developed and patented by L’Oréal in mid past 1970’s (10). Niosome entered the market of the cosmetics offering various advantages. “Niosome” introduced in 1987 (11) by Lancôme. Van Hal et al. reported that niosome encapsulated estradiol can be delivered through the stratum corneum, which is known to be a highly impermeable protective barrier (12, 18). Due to the high chemical stability of the surfactant as compared to the phospholipid and no requirement of special preparation and storage conditions is an advantage over the liposomes , which results in low manufacturing costs and reduced purity problems(13). Use of novel surfactant (bola surfactant) for making niosomes has been found effective for percutaneous drug delivery application as well as non-toxic (14). Upon the application of heat or agitation niosomes attain a closed bilayer structure (14). The inner aqueous core of the niosome could be used for delivery of the various hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs such as NSAIDS, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective agents and other classes of drug which offers the biggest advantage of enhancing the transdermal drug delivery (15, 16, and
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