Advantages Of Objective Motion Devices

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Continue passive motion is the passive motion performed by a mechanical device that move a joint slowly and continually through a controlled of range of motion (Carolyn Kisner, 2012). Continue passive motion device exist in the market for nearly every joint in the body such as shoulder continue passive motion machine, knee continue passive motion machine, elbow continue passive motion machine and ankle continue passive motion machine. Continue passive motion device allow the joint to move for hours in time. Continue passive motion device make the joint to flex or extent in a preset range of motion and time of repetition. The movement produce by the device is slow and controlled and thus the patient does not actively exert force on the muscle to produce movement. Continue passive motion is good in healing effect on injured or disease joint
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Duration for applying continue passive motion is usually less than one week or when the certain desire range is reached. Continue passive motion device can be used in home since it is portable. Physiotherapist can instruct the caregiver or family member the proper use of the device since it is benefit to the patient.
7. Continue passive motion device is adjustable, easy control, versatile and portable. There are some devices which allow the individual to wear for up to 8 hours since it is operate by using the rechargeable battery.

Disadvantage of the continue passive motion
1. Continue passive motion brings the detrimental effect. Using continue passive motion will cause the need for greater analgesia intervention and increased postoperative blood drainage.
2. Cost of using the continue passive motion machine, patient compliance, utilization and supervision of the equipment by trained personnel, length of hospital stay, speed of recovery and determination of appropriate patient population become issues to consider whether or not to utilize the continue passive motion device (Carolyn Kisner,
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