Advantages Of Online Education Vs Traditional Liberal Arts Education

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Research Paper One of the main goals in life is to find a great career and start a family. Well in order to be eligible for a career one need to go to college and get a degree. When it comes to college students have to option to take classes online and in class. This research paper is to compare the disadvantages and advantages of online education vs traditional liberal arts education through case studies. The first case study that I found was on done at Delgabon Community College by Ph.D. Jennifer R. Lang. Lang brings forth man problems. The problems that Lang discussed were lack of classroom availability, lack of class room space and extra help foe student that takes classes on line. It was shown that the school didn’t have enough space to have extra classes added in a day. With that being the case students were limited to times and classes they could take per semester. The other issues was lack of class room space. This issue caused students to have to register early for a class and if they didn’t register early enough they had to take an online class or wait to the next semester to take that particular class. This is a problem toward online classes because it causes the online class to be more of an alternative for students rather than a choice. This is why students that take online class rooms need to have extra help because they wanted a face to face learning experience but instead were forced to take a class online. When it comes to online classes most students

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