Advantages Of Online Students

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Nowadays, as the technology develops, computers have been spread to the whole world. People can purchase on the Internet, chat with others online and play online games. They can do everything on the Internet. According to Flannery, the demand of students for taking online courses was increasing in the last decade (Flannery n.pag) .
Indeed, the increasing requirement of online courses is constantly challenging traditional face-to-face courses. I think, however, taking conventional face-to-face education is a better way for students to survive in the future. In my essay, I will discuss this in three relevant main points: Focus for students’ study; Interaction between teachers and students; workload on teachers’ shoulders. Let me introduce
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Nevertheless, online students can not always focus on study because online study is an individual process to acquire knowledge. Students can finish the courses on the Internet at their own learning rate and they can make their timetable more flexible. Thus, they can take the online courses whenever or whatever they want. But at the same time, online students are more likely to be sluggish for their lessons or to be distracted by a huge amount of harmful matters on the Internet such as adult and game websites. Because of these appealing attractions on the Internet, online students will have less possibilities to pass the same courses than traditional students. On the contrary, face-to-face teaching will be more strict and efficient for students because people interact with people rather than computers. Teachers can meet almost all the needs of students. They can notice their students’ statuses and change their teaching speed in mean time, which can be more flexible for efficient study. Besides, online students always fail to manage their time. Students will have less chances to practice as other students so that they always have a poor performance in the final exam.
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