Advantages Of Open Small Group Systems Essay

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An open system has more freeing boundaries and has interchange between it and its environment, while a close system has more strict boundaries and has very little interchange between it and its environment. 3. What is a bona fide group? What about a bona fide virtual group? Bona Fide Group is a group with stable, but permeable boundaries that are independent with their relevant contexts. A Bona Fide Virtual Group is where groups meet through technology rather than face-to-face. 4. In what ways was there interchange between the church board described in the chapter and its environment? Communicating about the decisions at the meetings. The board realized if they kept the information to themselves then they would lose the trust and support from the environment. 5. Describe two ideal group throughput processes. • Meetings where final decisions are made and job roles are assigned. • People signing a job offer letter where the boss is explaining their roles and expectations. Opinion Topics 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of open small group systems as opposed to closed small group systems? Disadvantages with a open small group would be that it is constantly changing towards the appeal of its environment; however, to stay competitive in any market in today’s time you must be willing to change and adapt to certain environments. Also, with an open group the boundaries are more flexible so pushing the limited is not as frowned upon. 2. What do you think are
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