Advantages Of Organizational Structure

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“Every structure should be built to support its work load” This statement supports the use of the organizational chart within the work place, can you begin to imagine the confusion that would exist without it? In a company organizing, is to arrange or to position resources strategically in order to achieve goals. It is imperative for a company to function efficiently, under the use of an organizational structure. An organizational structure provides balance in the work environment and monitors the workflow of all employees. It also provides growth in the organization, in terms of new employment and other major achievements. A company that exist without practicing organizational structure would cause a lot of confusion and chaos as it relates…show more content…
In a centralized organizational structure one individual is responsible for making all the decisions and maintains control of the company by giving direction. While Decentralized organizational structures often rely on several persons with the authority to make final decision for the company’s well being. Some benefits associated with a centralized organization are as follows: Reduction in cost in the work environment, having a focused vision on one common goal and Reduction in conflict. A Few drawbacks of a centralized organization include, No secrecy because all ideas and decisions are conveyed to all, No special attention and Delay in work. Advantages associated with Decentralization are; Huge relief is provided off the top managers, Greater use is made of employees skills and Decision making is left up to educational and well informed people.

“ The structures of governance now in place represent the old order. In essence, the foundation of society, the people, has been transformed at much rapid rate than the institutional and structural features of the society. The new more informed Jamaican, is more demanding than ever to be involved in a meaningful way in shaping his or her destiny”. Prime Minister P.J. Patterson

The Five Approaches of Structural Design
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