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1.0 Introduction

In this report It will identify and analyze the sustainable competitive advantage of the three following organization. Panera Bread Company, Harley-Davidson Inc. and Walt Disney Company. In the report it will analysis the three organizations using theoretic analysis of the reasons for the achievement of sustained competitive advantage (SCA).
A sustainable competitive advantage is a long-term competitive advantage that is not easily duplicated or surpass by the competitors.
By using theoretic analysis such as the design school, this strategy is linked to the development of the SWOT analysis. This strategy evaluates the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the industry. Its data can be used to analyze several
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During the recent economic down turn Panera decide to go with the strategy that profit more from one customer that to attract more customers. While their competitors offered discounted product and meals for as little as $5, Panera decided to do the opposite by targeting customers who can afford to pay more, an average of $8.50 for lunch.

• Good social relationship

Panera has a strong culture they believe in providing fresh food, dinning in a welcoming atmosphere and giving back to the people. They routinely donate bread and baked goods to community organization in need. Their success often acknowledge through customers surveys and awards given by the press. Zagat voted Panera as one of America’s hottest brands and most popular chain.

4.0 Analysis and Explanation

Walt Disney Company

The success of Walt Disney Company was achieved by adopting the design and positioning school strategy.

o SWOT Analysis

1. Strong product portfolio
2. Strong Branding
3. Competency in acquisitions
4. Diversified businesses
5. Localizing of products 1. Few opportunities for growth through more

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