Advantages Of Participant Observation

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Ng Wai Lung,John
CLB9018-3 1.What is participant observation and how it is deployed in ethnography?Elaborate on its advantages and disadvantages Participant Observation is a method for collecting data in qualitative research,such as ethnography ,seeking to obtain an in-depth understanding and data of the research subjects locating in particular selected field.The hypocrisy of sustaining the objectivity during the process of ethnographic research has been under much more suspicion nowadays. It implies a fundamental transformation from the preceding emphasis on the objectivity,carrying out the observation as an outsider point of view. Contrary to the outsider approach applied in the traditional ethnography,participant observation requires the observers to engage with and immerse themselves in the field,in which fieldwork is being carried out.The observers would establish a relationship with the informants and the research subjects while keep contacting over a period of time.The participant observation involves not only observation,but also natural conversations,interviews,questionnaires...etc. It is a research method for ethnography.The description of the setting of the events during the process of observation tend
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In order to figure out the notion of primitive culture,we have to realize the purpose of its
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