Advantages Of Partnership And Private Limited Company Essay

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In this task, I will be evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of s partnership and private limited company. How majority shareholders protect their interests on the board of directors. Clarifying the rights and duties of a company director and how one is appointed to being a manager director. In addition the rights and duties of company auditor as well as their liabilities as an auditor.
Firstly, even though there are different types of partnership such as general, limited and limited liability partnership. This three different type has its advantages and disadvantages however we will be mainly focused on general partnership. One advantage of the general partnership is raising capital due to the nature of the business the partners will raise capital to start-up the business. Therefore more partners mean more capital can be put to the business, this allows the business to have more potential for growth and profitability. Another advantage is that a partnership is less complicated to form and run than a company they don’t have legal filing requirements, this means they don’t have to file accounts and documents with Companies House.
One major disadvantage of the partnership is taxation, partners will pay the tax same way as a sole trader. Therefore they will pay the corporation tax in addition to this they will have to pay income tax. Another disadvantage is liability partners are still subject to unlimited liability same with a sole trader if the business can’t pay its
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