Advantages Of Porter's Diamond

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In the book "Competitive Advantage of Nations" Wearing traditional economic trade ideas and present them to explain economic phenomena of failure. Since then he has developed a new paradigm of competitiveness of the country or industry, which used to describe the "model Diamond" The four determinants of competitiveness of the industry model explains. As labor qualified and infrastructure, such as factors of production, such as the position of (1) the country factor conditions or industry, (2) country or market such as the sophistication of demand conditions customers, (3) the organization of these companies and their circumstances as the nature of domestic rivalry and related industries, and (4) business context.
Porter's Diamond

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Sophisticated industries and strong today knowledge-that are necessary in most production factors (such as skilled human resources or a scientific base) are factors. Such a nation does not inherit, but rather creates the most important factors of production. The availability of skilled workers element of human resources of Saudi Arabia all the advantages of the petrochemical sector .Apart countries to provide a competitive advantage is considered a very important factor, another important advantage of this space advantage. UK with cheap water routes along the roads linking the western and eastern countries is well located in the Bay Area. is. The raw materials, 187capital resources, human resources, strong infrastructure with easy access to the petrochemical industry in Saudi Arabia geographical location plays an important role in building competitive advantage…show more content…
The role of Saudi Arabia is such that the government, the government of Saudi Arabia, the GCC countries are integrated so that it should reform its policies against foreign competition is successful and the power of a union. to promote the industry is very effective and excellent in any outside power can significantly affect its economy. GCC single currency can not be achieved by 2010, though as capital resources and the work of a single market for the free movement is reached. Such a union is an economic logic, conditioned by foreign policy, foreign policy and domestic policy does not allow the Union to play an effective
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