Advantages Of Regional Cooperation

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Assignment 611
“South Asia has the potential to accelerate growth and reduce poverty by exploiting four underutilized spatial features of the region: geography, transportation, factor mobility, and scale economies. Regional cooperation can facilitate this process (Sadiq Ahmed and Ejaz Ghani, 2010)”. Discuss using your own arguments how regional cooperation can facilitate South Asia’s accelerated growth and reduced poverty.
South Asia has attracted global attention because it has experienced rapid growth in GDP. However if we see the exact face of south Asia there are two faces. One is some countries from South Asia dynamic, growing rapidly, highly urbanized, and is benefiting from global integration. Some
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However the SAFTA agreement was adopted by SAARC on 2004 which is an important mile stone towards improving the regional cooperation. It was expected to open up the South Asian regional economies for the betterment of the lives of the people and reduce the regional poverty. Further in order to strengthen the regional cooperation a new agreement called South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) officially came into reality in 2006.
Economic growth is the most powerful tool to reduce poverty and improve the quality of lives in poor countries. Now we will see regional cooperation can facilitate South Asia’s accelerated growth and reduced poverty through the growth.
The regional cooperation is the key success to South Asia countries to reduce the poverty and to increase the growth. The regional cooperation in South Asia countries helps to create more jobs by promoting manufacturing structure and infra structure. (China and Srilanka agreement on Port city buildings). Further regional cooperation helps the countries to enhance their ability in many types of the business and helps to reduces
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