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Lewis Model Argumentative Essay Richard Lewis who was born in 1930 is a British linguist. He can speak ten languages, which helps him to travel around the world to study various cultures. In order to guide people to communicate with foreigner in everyday life or business occasion, he decided to plot the world’s cultures on a chart. Afterwards The Lewis Model of Cross-Cultural Communication was developed by Richard Lewis that makes him famous. His book “When Cultures Collide” now in its third edition, has sold more than one million copies since it was first published in 1996 and was called “an authoritative roadmap to navigating the world’s economy” by the Wall Street Journal. Lewis plots countries in relation to three categories: Linear-actives, Multi-actives and Reactives. Linear-actives means people those who plan, schedule, organize, pursue action chains, do one thing at a time according to their plans. The typical countries where mostly these people live are…show more content…
And I also admire some habits about the other two types although Chinese belong to reactives. The details of reactives are not completely correct for me. When doing a program, I like to plan all steps on paper and make them priority for assignments. I don’t listen all the time but express my opinions at proper time especially talking with foreigners I am not mean to use body language. Keeping kind and harmony is our willing which is also the heritage from ancestors. So in other’s shoes, I will be polite, respect and cooperate with my partner as my wish he or she will do. Many people especially the leaders like making statements become promises, which is what I dislike. I think we must achieve our words as long as having made promises. Honesty is our national spirit. By analyzing myself as an example, human is complex and when we use Lewis Model, we should combine the theory and
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