Advantages Of Saudi Women Drive

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Q10) In your opinion, why do you think Saudi women were not allowed to drive? [see p. 68] In my opinion, I think the Saudi women are not allowed to drive because it would give them power and personal freedom. They would be able to go out without the permission of their husbands or fathers, nor would they need to fully rely on their husbands or fathers anymore. According to the article, Saudi women were not allowed to drive because, “most feel that driving here is dangerous and initially for women would be as disastrous as when men started. Accident factor aside, it would be worse because men unaccustomed to seeing women drive would follow and bother. It would be a great sport” (Alireza 68). Thus, they are not allowed to drive because they believe it would bother the men too much; that the men would follow the women drivers around, making it unsafe for them.
Q11) Describe some experiences of the Saudi women attending college. [see p. 69]
In 1973, the first class with women graduated; there were a dozen women. On the day of graduation, the women found out that their names were left off the programs. As a result, “they set up such a hue and cry that a special ceremony was arranged. Two thousand women arrived to
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The main message in Ahmad Jamal’s “Our Girls on the Right Path” is, “that marriage is a woman’s primary obligation and take precedence over the pursuit of learning. Unless, that is, a husband agrees informally or by legal prenuptial writ to her continuing studies after marriage” (Alireza 70). In other words, that women should strive to be married, not to be educated. Their first priority is to find a husband; however, the husband could agree after they are married, she could pursue her education. But, the main message is that for women marriage is more important than
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