Advantages Of School Uniforms

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School Uniforms: The Drawbacks A young female student tears an envelope open and skims through it. The note told that the town was going to vote on whether school uniforms should be issued or not in schools. Then, she swiftly darts for her parent’s bedroom, swerving through her four siblings in the process, to alert her mother and father of the newly received letter. She worried if the town agreed to add in school uniforms, for her parents could not afford five school uniforms. Her family was on the poorer side, and they had several children. This is the case for most families; school uniforms do as much suitable as damaging. These academic suits were originally associated with the upper-class universities, and they were initially used in…show more content…
Likewise, students tend to follow trends along with their fellow peers; these shifts in style allow students to fit in and enjoy the feeling of belonging somewhere. Fashion statements permit one to recognize another with some of the same interests based on their raiment, and such appeal may even bring two together to form friendships. When children wear clothes as they please, it may lead to new friendships between two strangers. By taking this away from students, differentiating a friend from a foe would become more difficult. Similarly, students without school uniforms tend to possess more self-confidence; this is due to one being unique and their own individual self. Whereas students in which wear uniforms to school may feel that their individualities are not suitable enough for their fellow peers along with the overall school environment. They will begin to doubt themselves and whether or not they are being the best possible version of themselves or not. With this in mind, school uniforms seem to remove a child’s freedom of expression in school. In addition, uniforms can become very expensive for parents and guardians. Each year, students flourish in size, and they may even grow out of their old uniforms; this forces mothers and fathers to buy brand new expensive uniforms for each of their children. Not only that, they also must purchase gym
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