Advantages Of Skilled Workers

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We are heading to 2020 soon, but what happen in Malaysia are we are lacking of skilled workers. In order to improve the economy of our country, we need to enhance our worker’s skills. This can make sure that our country is fully occupied by skilled and talented workers. If our country has shortage skilled workers, then what would happen to our country? Is it possible to defence our country from enemies? How long it would take if we are constantly bringing foreign workers in? Government needs to take initiatives on how to improve our skilled workers. If we want our country to be as one of the leading country, then we must take the necessary steps to make sure that our country can have its own strength in every skill. That is the most important thing that we need to teach them.


Definition of Skilled Worker
Skilled worker is the specialized part of the labor force with a high skill level that creates significant economic value through the work performed. Generally, skilled worker is characterized by higher education or expertise levels and high wages. It involves complicated
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First, one of the factors is lack of talent. It can be proven from the information of 2016 salary guide report said nearly 100 per cent of companies here complained of the lack of talent. The term human capital describes the economic value of employees’ knowledge, skills and capabilities. Although the value of the assets might not show up directly on a company’s balance sheet, it nevertheless has tremendous impact on an organization’s performance. Human capital is intangible and cannot be managed the way organizations manage jobs, products and technologies. If valued employees leave a company, they take their human capital with them and any investment the company has made in training and developing these people is lost. Thus, it is very important to develop human
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