Advantages Of Solar Energy Essay

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Solar energy can be used today in a variety of ways. Probably because today, more and more people are understanding the advantages of solar energy as our solar technology increases and the cost of fossil fuels rises. Solar energy systems today can now used to power homes, cars, appliances in a ways of like Photovoltaic panels, Heating water, Lighting etc.
Solar Photovoltaic panels
The most common form of solar energy used today are photovoltaic solar panels, which absorb the sun’s light to create electricity. These solar panels can be attached to homes as a primary or secondary source of electric power. They can also be used for small appliances and machines which only need small amounts of electricity for use. Large scale photovoltaic
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Though solar lights are not yet as common as solar panels, they are quickly joining the likes of LED lightbulbs and smart home thermostats as a cheap product that can reduce electric bills and improve the efficiency of your home.
Additionally, the aesthetic of modern solar lighting can significantly improve the outdoor decor of a property. Elaborate lighting arrays can improve the exterior design of a property, are often as cheap as $20 per light, and are available at major home retailers such as Home Depot. The availability and low cost of these lighting products are one reason why it’s so common to see solar powered street lights
Thermal heating
Many homeowners are unaware that solar water heaters and solar space heaters are an effective way to heat one’s home without making the larger investment of installing solar panels. Solar space heaters harness sunlight and convert it into thermal energy with the use of liquid or air as a medium, while solar water heaters use water as a method for thermal transfer. These solar heating systems can either be passive or active – while passive systems utilize natural circulation, active systems use pumps to circulate water and generate heat. Homeowners who install a thermal solar array on their roof can expect 5 to 10 percent returns with a system that costs a fraction of a full solar panel installation. solar pool
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