Advantages Of Solar Energy

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Jennifer Brock Grade 11J Geography Research Project

Topic: “Sustainable Energy for All”

Energy Type: Solar

Focus Question: “How Solar Energy impacts the coal industry”

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Pg 3: Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar power
Pg 4: Advantages and Disadvantages of Coal power
Pg 5: Conclusion
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Introduction: what is solar power?
Solar power is energy from the sun that is collected via solar panels that can sit on roofs of buildings or in large fields called solar fields. These panels will be placed at the angle where the sun will be able to reflect off it the most and the strongest. In this research how this solar power impacts the coal industry will be explored and explained.
Coal is the main source of creating energy in South Africa, however it is not a renewable source and with the growing population and the demand for energy the coal reserves will soon run out. South Africa in one way is
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Another disadvantage of using coal is that the amount of carbon emissions that is produced when it is burned is damaging the environment. The fine dust of the coal is also very dangerous to human health and many people that are near where the mines are situated and the miners and their families are the most effected. This is that the fine coal dust when inhaled causes respiratory issues and the person can develop asthma. Another disadvantage is that the mines take up large amounts of land, which destroys natural habitats and also decreases land values of places of close proximity to the mines. The power plants that are needed to convert the energy the coal produces into useable energy require fuel- the coal- and due to the energy demands growing due to a growing population, large amounts of coal is need to be brought in from other mines just to keep up with the
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