Advantages Of Starbucks Business Strategy

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3:2 Starbucks basic Strategy:
According a research carried out by John Dudovskiy (2017), Starbucks business strategy is based on the following four pillars:
1. Present ‘third-place’ experience: Apart from selling coffee and snacks, the cafe giant is design to offer third-place experience. The business place is so relaxing that customers tend to stay longer and purchase more coffee and snacks and wants to come back again.

2. Offers high quality coffee: The coffee industry is highly competitive, so one of the Starbucks basic strategies is its product differentiation. Even with the high price range of their product, customers are ever willing to pay premium price. Their customer service is outstanding, which gives them more competitive advantages. The cafe giant plans to speed up the presentation of the roaster
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Starbucks recent strategy that was announced by Howard Schultz, chairman and chief executive officer of the brand was good but lacks some vital component that has the capacity of enhancing their market share. This day’s people are becoming more and more concern about global warming, so a lot of customer will tend to patronise brands that care about the earth, compare to brands that cares less. As part of their corporate social responsibilities, Starbucks need to carry out a massive orientation on the steps they are taking as a corporate organisation to save the planet. Take for instance, if a go green conscious consumer is aware of how Starbucks buys its coffee beans only from coffee farmers who follows the international best practice of cultivating and harvesting coffee beans, which helps to preserve the earth, the consumer would wants to spend his money in a company that has the same objectives with him. This can be included into their business
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