Advantages Of Sweatshops Essay

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Lageju Krischal 1 Ashley Garcia Casas ESL 400 October 27, 2017 Final draft Sweatshops: worth the price? A sweatshop is the place that has a poor working condition, where workers are paid very low wage thought they work for longer hours. A ‘sweatshop’ is defined by the US department of Labor as a factory that violates 2 or more labor laws. Sweatshops are common in poor and developing countries. Basically, they possess three major characteristics – long hours, low pay and unsafe or unhealthy working conditions. On the other hands it has been one…show more content…
Sweatshops also helps in developing the infrastructure of the country. Besides raising the life standard of the workers, it also helps in raising the economy of the country. One of the good things is that companies need to pay taxes to the government which directly help to boost the economy of the country. Furthermore, a successful investment in poor countries will send message to other potential investors that there is a stable environment for investment, leading in more investment, job opportunities and prosperity in the country. This have standardized the global economy. Many technologies are introduced by the sweatshops in the country. Besides it also helps in developing the infrastructure. As these factories need proper transportation, communication, digital technologies, etc., it helps in developing it. I also agree that sweatshops are not good all the time. Obviously, there are some bad sides of sweatshops. The first thing is that people need to work in the horrific condition putting their life in risk. Sometimes it’s like your worst nightmare. They are a curse for human rights. They do not care about the workers they are working for side workers are allowed to work for longer hours without any food and break. They have always been criticized for their violation against child labor and human rights. There are many cases where workers are abused. They are accused verbally,
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