Advantages Of Tesla Electric Car

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In this global market, a new player has broken in. Tesla is a new American car manufacturer, which has become the standard bearer of plug-in electric technology for our means of road transport. Starting from scratch, he has developed an ambitious automotive manufacturing plan, commercializing them since 2012. His appearance, excellent marketing, and the charisma of its founder, Elon Musk, has changed the status-quo of the market. It seems that it sets the market standard, and its competitors are forced to compete in the plug-in market.
The advantages of the electric car are primarily environmental. If the electrical energy consumed comes from the so-called clean energies (solar, hydroelectric,
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We all know that Tesla has 'changed' the way "cars are made" but is it really a disruptive innovation product?
According to (Christensen, HBR, 2015) "…incumbents focus on improving their products and services for their most demanding (and usually most profitable) customers, they exceed the needs of some segments and ignore the needs of others. Entrants that prove disruptive begin by successfully targeting those overlooked segments, gaining a foothold by delivering more-suitable functionality-frequently at a lower price", in which Tesla is clearly not doing.

There are a lot of struggles Tesla is facing at the moment. One of the most important in financial matters is how many providers will meet the demand of the Tesla production. Nonetheless, the major problem when it comes to traditional assembly way that Tesla will confront will be enabling its workers and providers to meet the demand at the most fastest way possible, since they are going through a "production hell" quoting Elon Musk's words, as they are falling short big time with the delivery goals of the new Model 3. (DeBord,

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