Advantages Of The Electric Car

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Most people would see failure as a way to prove a idea didn't succeed but failure is necessary to bring up new ideas and fix mistakes in previous plans. Failure allows us to apply our experience to a previous idea and create a better more developed one. Failures of the internal combustion engine in cars has caused humans to require a replacement which is the electric car. The electric motor gets rid of the failures of the internal combustion engine while also providing numerous benefits.

The internal combustion engine was originally created in 1791 but not implemented in the first car till 1886 and the electric car was first featured around the same time. The internal combustion engine cars became much more popular due to cheaper mass
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They also carry highly flammable fuels on board which often ignite in the event of a crash. Lastly, the internal combustion engine also makes peak power and torque at redline which is the maximum revolutions per minute of a motor. Meaning must at least be at the top speed allowed in first gear to have maximum power available, and very time the car shifts you go out of peak power.
All that being said why are we still using them even till 2040?

Thankfully electric cars have have begun to make up a significant portion of new car sales, which is good since they are superior in every aspect They are projected to keep increasing there portion of the market more and more every year. First off they don't emit any toxic emissions or smoke and are a hundred percent eco friendly. They don’t cause any air pollution but there also silent compared to combustion engines so they have greatly reduced noise pollution number the sound comes from the tires.Electric cars are also significantly cheaper to run. They don't require any gas even though electricity costs money its minuscule when compared the costs of gas vehicles. Being power by a battery electric cars also don't use any lubricants which need to be
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