Advantages Of The Mandatory School Uniform

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School uniform should mandatory or not; this argument is one of the most important debates for the last decade. According to the first amendment, all Americans have the right to express their own opinion without any fear of punishment. This value, however, is not appropriate for schools. School uniforms have several advantages, however, there are three major benefits. These benefits include making students’ lives simpler and stress-free, makes students disciplined and focused on their studies and less peer pressure, and develop unity and equality among the students and less bullying. Firstly, wearing school uniform makes students’ lives simpler and stress-free. They do not have to decide what to wear every morning, choosing an outfit is a difficult task, and trying an outfit after outfit is stressful and a waste of the time. For instance, when a student gets up in the morning, he/she opens the wardrobe for selecting an outfit, and they think about what to wear today. Also, they do not remember what they wore yesterday or the day before yesterday. So, they get confused. Making a decision for wearing an outfit takes a long time. Furthermore, they must buy many clothes for the reason of expression. These issues put stress not only on students but as well as on their parents. Uniform do not only save time; therefore, it reduces the stress. According to a survey, 94 % parents reduce wardrobe battle with kids, 92 % easier to get kids ready in the morning, 93% save time in the
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