Advantages Of Time Travel

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Time travel is traveling to another place in time. It can be traveling into pass or the future. Time travel can be the solution to a lot of problems in the world. We will be able to prevent things from happening by going into the past and change our decisions or we can go into the future and prepare for it or try to prevent it too. There are a lot of research going on with time travel but it hasn’t been done by any human yet. Time travel come with challenges like paradoxes, especially when time traveling into the past. I will discuss the different possibilities of time travel in the future and in the pass. You cannot move through time by being motionless. You have to be in a different reference frame which will help you distinguish…show more content…
For time dilation, if you're in a reference frame, that reference frame has a proper time associated with it. It can be measured with clock, or your watch. Observer one is moving in his reference frame and observer two in the Earth frame which also has a proper time. The clocks are hypothetical clocks called a light clock. They have two mirrors parallel to each other with single photon bouncing between them. Each bounce is called a tick and their length depends on how big your light clock is. For example, a light clock that is 150,000 kilometers would take two ticks, to make a second. These type of clocks are not the best because if we are off by the tiniest amount, whether or not these things were exactly parallel, it would cease to work. They are possible but just very precise which is not the best for us. The light clock time must match the person’s time on their watch. In these frames, the speed of light is always constant. Meaning that observer one is going to measure speed of the photon as traveling the same as observer’s two photon even though they are going at different speed. From observer’s one perspective, its photon needs to travel a longer distance but still traveling at the speed of light. So we can conclude that the ticks on observer’s two clock happen slower than the ticks on
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