Advantages Of Two Way SMS Texting

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What is 2 way SMS?
Two way SMS uses short codes and keywords to send text messages to mobile users. Not like traditional SMS texting, 2 way SMS requires end users to send a keyword to a known short code to receive an automatic reply.

What is two way SMS text messaging?
Two way SMS is what you can receive and send a text message to have a conversation with the recipient. This let a contact center agent carry on a text-based chat with people reschedule appointments via text. Customers expect communication to be two-way regardless of how complex or simple the interaction.

How many parts in Two way SMS texting?
Two-way SMS has two parts, inbound and outbound.

What is Inbound in two way SMS text message?
Programmable SMS is where people can
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Shared short code allows to receive picture and text messages. You would need to use keyword to receive messages from mobile users. Keywords are not required for replies. You can’t take this number with you if you decide to choose different service provider. Cost Included in the most plans.
Dedicated short code, which allows you to receive and send picture and text messages. You can take this number with different service provider.

What are the benefits of using a short code for your business?
The greatest advantage of using a short code is that it can be easily remembered, making it simple for recipients to reply to your messages forming the basis of any great SMS marketing platform.
Short codes are ideal for sending high-volume messages in the business to customer. With long numbers, you’re only able to send 1 message per second, but short codes can send large numbers of bulk SMS messages at a consistent rate .

How to benefit business using the short code?
Get your customers to opt-in for your promotional SMS messages or services by sending a keyword to your short code.
Your customers simply send an SMS with a tracking number to your two-way messaging shortcode to receive a response with the latest status of their
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