Advantages Of Unrestricted Immigration

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There are millions of individuals who migrate from their own country to another legally for many different reasons, whether that be fleeing the country as refugees or leaving to get more opportunities for themselves and their loved ones. However, each year more and more individuals are turned away from countries as they are trying to enter illegally. A significant number of people feel that allowing unrestricted immigration would impact our cultural integrity, result in economic hardship for existing citizens and create great political unrest. It would be hard to argue that certain categories of migrants should immediately be discounted, such as international terrorists or fugitives from the law. However, if we take the question of unrestricted immigration in terms of everyone else, Heumer’s work in favour of it provides a sound argument for its benefits socially, politically and economically. Thinking of immigration as a whole rather than a fractured topic demands both historical and philosophical considerations.

To justify the sound nature of his argument it is important to consider carefully some of the points he makes. For example, one of the points to Heumer’s distributive justice argument is that unrestricted immigration would result in social, political and economic opportunities no longer being ‘distributed in a highly inegalitarian fashion’ (reference). In other words, there would be a more equal distribution of all social, political and economic opportunities,
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