Advantages Of Yuum Brand

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Competition has always been a key topic and an interesting subject for discussion both in academia and in industry (Porter, 2010). Yum Brand operated and worked in a very high competitive market of food industry that provide suitable price ,good quality of food products ,new product development , attractive promotional and advertisement ,high level of customer services restaurants location and brand . As most of the companies looking for more growth, more sales, earn more profit and more revenue it was natural for them to developing new market and produce a unique product to gain competitive advantages because of that In a pril 2012 Yum Brand lunch a big of pizza shop in Dubai its aim to sell a small pizza called (crown crust pizza) the new product lunch was successful that lead motivated one American to fly down from new York to Dubai to have pizza.

Quality in a service or product is not
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The Finnish giant was sitting on its laurels and they have never thinking about improving continuously. They were only focusing on their internal strategies rather than on the customers, they failed to evolve and compete. This has led them to be decreased, after the smart phone industry become known and famous. This is an example of lack of evolution, even Sony, Motorola, Ericsson has failed due to lack of evolution. All these companies were at their prime, they have the technology, they have first mover advantage, but just because they didn’t continuously improve and neither did they evolve, they have been almost gone out of their industries and market
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