Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Police Officer

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A police officer may seem like a common job, but it’s actually very hard to get into law enforcement. Most little kids dream of being a police officer when their older, mainly because they don’t exactly know what it is, and the requirements to be one. I’m interested in law enforcement because I would like to help clean up and rebuild the same community I grew up in. Most people don’t feel protected when they see a police officer, they feel paranoid. I would like to be a part in changing the image that police officers have locally. You always hear about the small town stories where the sheriff is involved in everything the community does, and people respect and look up to. There are so many parts of being a police officer including the different branches of law enforcement, the requirements to be a police officer, advancement in law enforcement, and if you don’t want to specifically be a police officer, there are many similar occupations. Police officers handle many different tasks, many of them being emergencies or annoyance calls. Police officers are in the streets to enforce laws, respond to emergencies, patrol assigned areas, conduct traffic stops, issue citations, obtain warrants, write detailed reports, and prepare cases to testify in court. When police officers enforce laws, they must give the suspect their Miranda warning,…
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