Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Member of a Fraternity

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By: Arsenio Unajan Baquilid
I am a founding member of a fraternity. As such, I can consider myself having adequate exposures on the life of this type of organization. To begin with, let me emphasize that a fraternity or sorority is a choice of a lifestyle for a lifetime. It has a strong influence on one’s personality. It can make or unmake a person.
I have heard of many arguments against being a fraternity/sorority member. Some are true and some are not. Perhaps it would not be amiss to mention that there are organizations of this kind that had been reported of wrong doings that others had even been proven to have transgressed the law. But that doesn’t mean that all
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According to the website cited above, the Latin word frater and soror, which means “brother” and “sister” respectively, are fraternal social organizations for undergraduate students. In English, the term refers mainly to such organizations at colleges and universities in North America. The website claimed that “Phi Beta Kappa Society founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia is generally recognized to be the first Greek-letter student society in North America. As Phi Beta Kappa developed it came to be an influential association with membership becoming of an honor and less of social selection.”
In the Philippines the website (http://en.wikipilipinas=List of fraternities and sororities in the Philippines) showed that one of the oldest fraternities were the Omega Tau Sigma founded in 1906 at Mindanao State University, Marawi City and the Phi Alpha Epsilon founded in the same year at Central Luzon State University, Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. As the years rolled by the proliferations of fraternities and sororities in the Philippines became unstoppable. The website also recorded 252 fraternities and sororities in the Philippines.
Actually, I’ve read many bibliographies but so far there is no clear explanation why these organizations are named in Greek-letter. The best answer I’ve got though is the one from Mozilla Firefox which say that “Greek and Latin were the universal scholarly languages when fraternities were first

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