Advantages and Disadvantages of Colonialism

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Colonialism

Matthew Toms

Professor Mehdi Nazer

SOC300 v201103

August 31, 2011


Colonialism is dominating or conquering a territory and involving the subjugation of one people to another (Kohn, 2011). At the end of 15th century, Portugal and Spain explored the seas to find another route to Asia through the Mediterranean Sea for three things – God, Gold and Glory. Their mission was to introduce Christianity/Catholicism to the Asian natives, find gold and claim glory by colonizing territories. They were also hoping or expecting to take control of a territory in Asia particularly a distant island somewhere in the Japanese archipelago so that they could have a direct trade with Asia.
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The Spanish government divided the lands of the Philippines into provinces, cities, municipalities and towns to better administer and oversee matters. Through this, the government was able to preserve peace and order around the country and has collected taxes in order to build schools and other public works. Colonialism helped lands to establish formal governments to help boost its economies and create laws that will secure the social needs of its people. The government is able to provide jobs and uplift the lesser people and better the standards of living of the citizens. The colonial governments were also responsible for modernization and democracy. Modernized modes of transportation became available to indigenous people. Also, the colonial governments prepared the original residents for independence and honed their governance skills.

• Boosted economy

Colonists have improved its colonial territories’ economy through industrialization. Manufacturing growth was made possible. In South Africa, the manufacturing industry became very competitive internationally. The peasant colony became a land supplying people with managerial experience and technical expertise (Austin, 2010). Mercantilist colonialism improved the agrarian structures in wide rural areas of Central-Southern New Spain (Gonzalez, 2006).

Though colonialism has improved the political and economical aspects
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