Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication

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Communication has become a very important part in our lives today. In recent years, communication has grown in many ways and may without doubt better than ever. People are always trying to find new things that will improve our lives significantly. Part of the way to communicate is through writing, audio, verbal and so forth. All have positive effects and negative effects on our lives and the way to communicate. Communication can also be very helpful but sometimes it can be very dangerous
Advantages of verbal communication are saving of time, saving of money, more effective, knowledge of reaction of message, clear doubts and increase in productivity and efficiency. While for disadvantages of verbal communication are lack of proof of
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It are flexible which are easy and pleasant to use. It also simplify and facilitate the transmission of information between people working in different subject. The disadvantages of oral channels of communication are can lead to misconceptions because the information is sometimes incomplete. It are not open to everyone such as established researchers have access to good networks of contacts, but these usually take time to cultivate. Oral communication also are difficult to maintain and therefore unstable. It can also lead to mix belief,as oral promises do not lend anywhere. As a human nature one can make mistake in spelling something different which can sometimes leads to major mistake
Modern world became more visualized in every aspect due to the high influence of media. A consumer who thinks about buying a product will definitely visualize it in the mind for a while. So the use of visual communication is very crucial to the business man. Visual communication is the communication in which pictures, colors, graphics are used. A skull and two cross bones shows the meaning of danger. Advantages of audio communication are Quick communication because The use of pictures and symbols is very easy for a fast communication. The receiver gets the idea fast. It also can be Understanding at a glance When the logos or trademark are posted, it will be easily understood to the people. consequently, it Comparison as The audio communication is
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