Advantages and Disadvantages of Deontology and Discourse Ethics

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This assignment covers the advantages and disadvantages of deontology and discourse ethics. The advantages and disadvantages of both ethics going to make decided whether to build the German chemical firm or not. By using this two ethic approaches the manager of BASF able to make decision , whether the factory will bring benefit to people around there or harm their future . Main contents Deontology Deontology gives it’s easier to know whether a maxim is universalizable principle than it is no know the consequences of the some particular action (Bradley R,2013).deontological come from the greed word for ‘duty’, and what is crucial according to the deontologist are the riles and principles that guide action(werhane, 1983). It a position judges of morality action based rule. Advantages Action is both morally obligatory and morally praise worthy, action with bad consequences is not a morally praise worthy (Bradley ,2013). Deontology gives us with a clear and somewhat easy to follow the set of rules and how to act. It gives clear objective guidelines for making moral decisions, without thinking a big possible outcome. It show and identify the worth of moral absolutes that didn’t change with culture or time. It is a humanitarian principle in which every man are think to be of equal worthy and value of protection. For example: international law says child labor not to be appointed so people have to be obey the law , this way it protect innocent child . Disadvantages
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