Advantages and Disadvantages of E-books and Paper Books

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Advantages of E-books Versus Paper Books

With advances in digital technology, there is increasing popularity of reading electronic books over traditional paper books. For example, ebooks now outsell traditional ones on Amazon. Although paper books still have tremendous values and have own market niche, as evident from the number of books placed on shelves at various retailers, e-books will be the trend of text publishing going forward. There are many glaring advantages that e-books have over traditional paper books, as e-books are more convenient to carry, have greater update capacity, have greater storage capacity, more accessible and environmental friendly. This paper will therefore elaborate on the advantages of e-books and
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Research had shown that ebook readers, as compared to paper readers, spend twice as long to navigates portions of text (McKnight et al, 1990)
In the next several ensuing paragraphs we will address each of the counterarguments made earlier when comparing traditional paper books versus ebooks. Although there is the counterargument that reading paper book still yields greater reading speed, there is a negative correlation between reading speed and comprehension; as research had found that comprehension tended to be higher for slowing reading (Cushman, 1986). It is possible to provide a rationale for that. With slower reading, more attention is expected to be focused on the details, thereby enhancing comprehension of the contents being read (Carver, 1990). With regard to manipulation, with constantly improving digital technology, it is now possible to highlight portions of the electronic texts, if one desires, using the mouse cursor (Gardiner and Musto, 2010). Hyperlink function has now become a very commonly used function for ebook users (Gardiner and Musto, 2010)
Similarly when addressing the navigation issue, ebook readers may actually use the search function to type in the word of interest, to quickly locate certain words, not just once

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