Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Games

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Entertainment time is important for enhanced development of children and spare time activities can improve their development in academics. If they play electronic games effectively while under supervision, they can benefit from them. On the contrary, misuse of electronic games can have detrimental impacts on the performance of children in diverse areas. Socially, electronic games have been attributed to molding poor social behavior among children (Rehbein et al., 2010). Children spend most of their time playing games and rarely have time to socialize. The negative effect is that children are unable to interact and engage with other people (Buckley & Anderson, 2006). Electronic games, as has been noted can be an addiction. When children get addicted to games, they rarely have time to spend with their friends. Hence, a lot of time is spent playing video games. Social skills are developed through interacting with other people. Children are more likely to develop their social skill from the time spent with their age mates as they spend time playing or doing other activities together. Children can also develop social skills through communicating with their parents (Buckley & Anderson, 2006). However, currently much time is spent on video games. Parents are largely to blame because they rarely take the time to engage with their children. As a result, children view video games as their other closest companions.…
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