Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook and Twitter

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People prefer this programs to communicate with other people. Also they want to know about culture and traditional things of another country. With technology development there are many programs appearing such as whatsApp, viber, twitter, face book, instgram, and others. Most of users use twitter and , face book more than other application. Every period we see new program Twitter was found on onset July 2006 by NoahGlass, EvanWilliams and BizStone. On other side face book was found on 17, Augusts 2006. So in my essay, I will compare between twitter and face book. Moreover, I will view the advantages and disadvantages of them.
Twitter program was appearing on first in 2006 as project of search development. The Odeo American Company originated this project in Sanfransisco city. Then the company releases it formally for users by and large on October in2006. Thereafter the location starts to expansion as new service in the area in2007. In the onset of April the Odeo American Company close the service from company. It creates a new company called twitter. Moreover users can subscribe to Twitter directly through the home. So each one have profile in the name of the account. That appears the latest updates in chronological order. It spins about question "What are you doing. That not passes140 letters. After the users update its state sends these updates to their friends. The people…
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