Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook on Students

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Thinking that technological advances as a major facilitator and driving force behind most of globalization as anidea thatbegan to attract the people’s attention in the late 1990s and it has been defined as the integration of the systems of economics, finance and technology across national borders, the integrated effect of political, cultural and social. The new world of globalization is not only critical in the trade and movement of capital around the world more integrated, they definitely are, but the skills and smooth interchange of information has become transferable at a global scale at very low cost through the rapid increasing of sophistication technology. In fact, the technology has become one of
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Innovation resulting revolutionize the cell phone industry, creating some-imitator imitator smartphones and the latest field exists for wars. Apple technology has secured a valuable market share and return to the position of market leader with strong leverage technology to develop new products.
Apple has notstopped with the iPhone and iPod touch, but in fact, their larger size of the iPhone haveenable to add on the e-Reader and iPad and gives the ability to download and read books. The iPad now is stated as a competitor to the Kindle and Nook, Apple's move into the market, causing intense competition for traditional publishing outlets. The iPad is not really a new product, but the development and the integration of the existing technologies. But the iPad has been moving up the list of devices on sale for an e-Reader and make netbooks almost obsolete. Apple gripped on the technology market, and pushed the company to lead in the technology wars. Make something really new is not necessarily a requirement for today's market but theeffectiveness of the integrated existing technologies is probably the key to an innovation and the growth of the market.
The Apple’sstrategyin business is tocontrolstheir unique ability to design and develop their own operating system, hardware, application software, and services that providea great reduced consumption, without any combination of other products, and innovative industrial designto their customers. Apple believes that by
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