Advantages and Disadvantages of Interactive Learning Environment

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ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF INTERACTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Interactive learning in the classroom help students prepare more successfully for the outside world than those who do not. Engaged learners who actively participate in their own education are more apt to remember more from a lesson and then transfer newly acquired skills to different situations. Interactive learning in a classroom is to maintain a teaching style, like the Socratic Method, that encourages healthy debate between students and the teacher. Although it may sound simple, it is hard to actually foster an atmosphere in which students feel free to question authority because they fear reprisal or embarrassment. The development of true…show more content…
So they can learn how to work in a group. At the same time, it makes the learning sessions more interesting and fun so that the students will have more intention to learn new things. Students sometimes learn better from each other than they do from the teacher. Encouraging cooperative learning among peers through projects or assignments creates a more relaxed classroom environment while also allowing the teacher to act as a facilitator instead of a lecturer. However, certain specific obstacles are associated with the use of active learning including limited class time; a possible increase in preparation time; the potential difficulty of using active learning in large classes; and a lack of needed materials, equipment, or resources. The single greatest barrier of all, however, is the fact that faculty members' efforts to employ active learning involve the risks that students will not participate, use higher-order thinking, or learn sufficient content, that faculty members will feel a loss of control, lack necessary skills, or be criticized for teaching in unorthodox ways. Each obstacle or barrier and type of risk, however, can be successfully overcome through careful, thoughtful planning. If there are too many students in the class, some of them will not have chance to speak out their ideas or opinions during their lecture. Hereby, it will affect students’ moral and motivation. At the same time, the crowd
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