Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining the Armed Forces

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining the Armed Forces

The Modernization of the Military

The military of today is in no way like that of a century, or even three decades ago. The threats to the national environment have been greatly exacerbated by the heightening of the “war on terror” and international situation as a result thereof. The armed forces are seeking to adapt to the growing trends of globalization, challenges to national sovereignty, the relocation of political authority to transnational and sub-national agencies. The armed forces must also deal with an increased risk complexity, as the level of danger a soldier is exposed to the battlefield far surpasses the cannon and musket-balls of the past. The range of missions of
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The Advantages of Joining the Armed Forces

The following information, derived from the Army’s official website, provides a detailed picture as to what the average soldier makes, financially, in the modern environment. The profile of the average soldier is an age of 22 years, with time served averaging out at four years served. During this time they make an average income of $1,978.50 each month, or $23,742 each year. Considering that the average educational status of the common soldier is a high-school degree, this income is quite good, especially considering that the hourly rate breaks down to around $12.35 an hour, which is not so bad as compared to the other employment opportunities available to high-school graduates.

Additionally there are significant sign on bonuses involved in joining the military. The Montgomery GI bill is an option offered to soldiers who have served active time, which allots them thirty-six months in an educational program of their choice, ranging from flight-school, college, to a trade apprenticeship. Full time soldiers received over $1,000 each month to pay for school, which decreases incrementally as active employment decreasing, for example for half-time soldiers the monthly allotment is $500. Considering that many state and community colleges may only cost that amount per semester, the soldier is able to substantially increase their income and available cash by enrolling in
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