Advantages and Disadvantages of Keyboards Versus Pencils Essay

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Technology is slowly taking over the world. It affects many things, one of them being handwriting. Typing has some advantages over handwriting, but typing also has some disadvantages. Cursive is outdated, and typing is more efficient than handwriting in general. However, handwriting has some benefits over typing. Cursive was a lot more prominent in the past then it is today. According to Remington Korper, cursive was taught before printing. This made it the main form of writing for students. Some people that had excellent cursive could take it as a job. The first type of cursive was Spencerian. This was a very time consuming, tiring writing. The next type was Palmer’s Method. This was faster and easier than Spencerian writing. It is…show more content…
This makes note taking easier”(Pros and Cons). With faster note taking and the ability to do assignments faster, a lot of time in class could be saved which allows for more information to be taught. “When notes and assignments are saved to a computer, there’s less likelihood of them getting lost, especially if important files are routinely backed up”(Pros and Cons). Notes and assignments are harder to lose if typed and saved on a computer compared to writing on a piece of paper. This makes sure you are able to study, possibly leading to higher grades. Even though typing has many advantages over cursive, typing also has some disadvantages. For one, laptops or computers can cost upwards of $300. This is very expensive compared to paper and pencils, which only cost a couple dollars. Laptops and computers are also very easily broken. “The act of handwriting helps students (and adults) retain information more effectively than when keyboarding”(Handwriting Debate) Handwriting helps with memorizing things. Without it, students would have a harder time memorizing info which could result in lower test scores. “Digital devices may be great learning tools, but they also offer a number of distractions to students”(Pros and Cons). Laptops and computers are distractions in school. This could also result in lower grades. So is handwriting going to die out?
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