Advantages and Disadvantages of Mountaintop Removal

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As a young Kentuckian, I recognize the importance of coal to the world's energy supply and its increasing use worldwide. Coal does indeed power the nation, but at what cost? At the cost of Appalachian qualities of life, at the cost of their health, the environment, and the economy. No one should suffer like the Appalachian region has due to the extensive devastation resulting from mountaintop removal. We, as a country, should stand up and defend Appalachia. We should come up with clean alternative energy sources or methods of obtaining coal rather than explosively destroying the entire Appalachian region one mountaintop at a time. We call upon anyone who is eager to learn more about coal and mountaintop removal to get educated and involve yourself in the fight to reclaim the Appalachian mountains for the environment and the well-being of our nation. After weeks of in-depth research, I feel that I am well educated on the issue of mountaintop removal. I have seen many of the negative side effects of the blasting, harvesting, mining, and reclamation of the mountains and its impact on the environment. The natives of Appalachia, as well as in many nearby regions, are exposed to harmful toxins in the air, water and even the land. The mining business is dangerous and risky. It puts the miners in peril on the job and brings worry to the families waiting for them back home. I realize the danger and costs of mountaintop removal and will begin with a simple question: is coal worth it?

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