Advantages and Disadvantages of Online and Traditional School

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Some students believe that it is better to have online classes because they are finding it easier to maintain a family, a job and finish a career at the same time, others still prefer and need to learn in traditional school. Online and Traditional schooling offer many of the same advantages; however, they also have disadvantages.
First, let’s start with the advantages of having online classes. Some of the benefits are time flexibility, lower cost and location. Online classes have the convenience of accessing their classrooms from privacy of their homes and at any time they want. For example, students who work full time are able to work during the day and study at nighttime, or for those who have weekends off, they can study during the weekend. Additionally online education offers a lot of savings because there is no additional cost for transportation. Moreover you won’t have to spend a lot of money in clothes or other supplies more commonly needed in a classroom setting. Furthermore, you can take your classes anywhere. This is a great opportunity for those who may not have a college within a driving distance. These are just a few of the many advantages of taking online courses. People who enroll in online programs are able to manage their time, save a little bit of money and are not tie down to a particular location.…
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