Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling

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But in the reality of life, how many of us will really take action to protect our environment? Thus, we should let recycling be mandatory because it not only will promote the environment awareness but also raise the environment awareness among the community. In order to promote the environment awareness, we can host come recycling’s campaign such as recycling’s talk, recycling’s art gallery and so on. Recycling’s campaign can help us to promote the environment awareness and let us know more about the benefit of recycling and the issue related to environment. As example, students can organise anEnvironmental Awareness Art Project and shown the art work by using the recycle bottles and cans which can promote recycling and also encourage community to take care about the environmental issue. With these recycling’s campaign, we can let the community know more about recycling such as how to classify the solid and recyclable waste. As we can see, waste can classify into 2 major which is solid waste and recyclable waste. But recyclable waste also can classify into some minor which is glass, metal, paper and plastic. Beside that’s, we also can know what those products are after the recycling item being reproduce in factory. As we applying this recycling knowledge, in the same time we are also building ourselves characteristics to become a more responsible and discipline…
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