Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots

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Robots Alive In today's society, robots come in different types and qualities, and robots’ use was mainly in the laboratories and factories; however, that has drastically changed where their uses are changing at a high speed. In addition to that, they have spread throughout the world. The main function of robots is to replace the work that people used to do, or perform tasks that man cannot. A robot is a mechanical or virtual device that uses a computer program, or electronic circuitry, to carry out its functions. In modern science, robotics refers to the study of robots is robotics, which deals with designing, constructing, operating, and using robots and computer systems for controlling and processing information and providing feedbacks.…show more content…
On the other hand, the elderly consider them as the best companions because they at no time abandon them. However, some sections of society argue that it is ethically wrong to show a robot love, or have an intimate relationship with it other than a human being. Also, switching human with a robot can lead to lack of social skills, were these people will have problem communicating with a human, or even mingle with their own human species. Robots also have benefits to human life, which some people use to advocate for their continued usage, in the modern society. Firstly, they act as sources of security to both the society and individuals. With robots, in a country, or family, security tends to be high because they alert the concerned parties whenever something is wrong (Turkle, 2011). For example, they provide alerts whenever children extend their boundaries of playing. In addition to that, they work with no breaks, or rests, and they can do dangerous jobs that human beings are not able to do. Further, they are never depressed when carrying out their duties, and, therefore, tend to be highly productive and result in minimal errors. In addition, various countries like Afghanistan and Iraq use robots for military purposes. For instance, the military use these objects for surveillance, or detecting bombs on the battlefront. In some instances, people arm robots for use in battle, which is evident in the increased use of armed drones. Robots
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