Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Networks

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Introduction Human beings are social in nature and as thus possess an inherent need to share and connect one with another. In time past, geographical separation between individuals limited connections between people making communication very difficult. The need to bridge the gap between persons who are geographically separated necessitated research into ways that will remedy this situation. The advent of the social media networks came to offer a much-needed solution to the gap in communication. A social network comprises a pool of interdependent individuals who share some commonality (Boyd, & Ellison, 2008). Contrary to popular belief, social networking is as old a concept as the age of man. Since time immemorial, families congregated in social gatherings that included family meetings, funerals and weddings. The modern day social networks bring together people from different lifestyles united by their shared interests of sorts. The most common social networks include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Most if not all of these social networks share some common characteristics (Boyd, & Ellison, 2008). The common features include the ability to add friends, share updates, edit and share profiles. Different social media networks have different rules that govern their operations. LinkedIn allows new users to search for any member within the social media platform and add them as friends. However, LinkedIn restricts access of profile information to persons who are in the same
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