Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media and Easily Obtainable Information

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Internet Education HUM/186 December 5, 2013 Internet Education In the modern world people operate their businesses and practically live their lives through the Internet, the use of social media, and easily obtainable information. Although easy access to nearly everything and everyone has many advantages, there are plenty disadvantages that accompany social media and easily obtainable information. If the world only knew how becoming aware of the rewards and drawbacks of social media and the ability to access information with ease people may change how they practice and consume it, especially when understanding the need to further question the reliability of their sources. It is important to understand the advantages,…show more content…
Because so many people have access to posting whatever information they want, there is a large amount of inaccurate information online. One reason for inaccuracy may be that bits and pieces were taken out of a particular story so it could be broadcasted in less time leaving the viewer or listener to fill in the missing pieces using their own assumptions. Also, websites such as Wikipedia cannot be trusted for accuracy because anyone can log on and change information. Moving forward, social media has been a major convenience and reward to virtually everyone. On an individual basis, social media allows friends and family both near and far to communicate with one another. Also, businesses are flourishing through the use of social media. Advertising has never been easier. Horn (2013) states, “Our profession, unlike any time before, is demanding we become social media (…) experts” (1). Horn (2013) also states, “More than half of reporters (55 percent) use Twitter and Facebook to source stories” (1). Social media has greatly benefited business life and personal life. Nevertheless, nothing is perfect and social media also has its flaws. For one, many employees lack in performing job duties by contributing company time to social media sites. Furthermore, Odom, Jarvis, Sandlin, and Peek (2013) conclude social media negatively impacts children in the classroom who would rather
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