Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

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Computer security Introduction Technology is widespread, and the whole world is moving towards computerization. Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. This is dependent on the technology that a person uses. Different technologies have different risks and attacks associated with them. An attack is any act that will take advantage of vulnerabilities in order to compromise the controlled system. Some of the attacks include phishing, brute force, and denial of service (DoS). The attacks are normally targeted at specific companies, individuals, or services. Attack types Phishing According to ADDIN EN.CITE Whitman2011252Pg. 72Whitman and Mattord (2011)2522526Whitman, M.E.Mattord, H.J.Principles of Information Security201110650 Toebben DriveCourse Technology Ptr9781111138219 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_3" o "Whitman, 2011 #252" Whitman and Mattord (2011) phishing is defined as an attempt made in order to acquire financial and personal information from a person. This is mainly done by the attacker posing to be the legitimate entity using electronic communication. The information acquired could be credit card details, passwords, and usernames. Phishing is usually done by sending communications that purport to be from known and popular web sites, online payment companies, and auction sites ADDIN EN.CITE Schneider2011254(Schneider, 2011)2542546Schneider, G.P.Electronic Commerce201110650 Toebben DriveCourse Technology
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